Tuesday, August 02, 2005

What About Bob (Novak)?

Robert Novak has been unfairly criticized for outing CIA operative Valerie Plame. Liberals have said that Novak outed Plame by writing that she had arranged for her husband Joe Wilson to go to Niger, to get back at Joe Wilson for claiming that there was, in fact, no uranium in Niger. But as usual, the liberals from John Stewart who has dubbed Novak "The Douche Bag of Liberty, to my parents, who live in the liberal crack house that is the Upper West Side, are missing the truth which is right in front their faces: Robert Novak is a whistle blower. He should be commended, and not chastised. Robert Novak has exposed yet another case of nepotism, string pulling, corruption that has become so endemic to Washington. Now, people will thing twice before they use their connections to get to go on unpaid, fact-finding missions, to impoverished, famine-ridden, semi-arid West African countries. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson: Shame on you! Mr. Novak: good for you!


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